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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Surprise ....

I get a phone call from Nathaniels teacher today, stating she wasnt sure if I had heard bout the situation at school. My heart sank and I immediately started praying in my spirit, stories of school shootings echoing in my head. Thank God, it was nothing of the sort but the way she phrased that scared the snot out of me. Power was out at the middleschool/high school and one of the elementaries, so they had called off schol as a district. So all of the kids were being sent home at 1045.

Nathaniel had wanted to make sure I was home and knew what was going on. So well that added a new dimension to my day. Josiah called soon after, asking for a friend over. Since I was feeling fairly generous, I said yes even though my head is screaming NO! lol. i just stated he had to go home by 2 since I do have to work at 3 pm today.

I havent pushed much on the chore front, and they are playing gameboys/gamecube and reading, so hey why fuss. There will be time enough later for chores, I suppose.

Although, I do need to get in some deeper cleaning as I have friends coming this weekend. Im glad I scheduled a friend to help me clean friday already, that helps as well. So tommorrow, I hope to really get some steam cleaning done, or some wall washing or deep scrubbing of the bathrooms.

Well thats all for now folks


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