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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sometimes tired doesnt seem to cover it

You know you are tired when you wake up and your very first thought is, can I get a nap in today? Im at the point in pregnancy when its really hard to find a comfortable position and if one starts out that way, it wont be comfy for long. Add to the dog barking at 4 am and we had a winner of a night. So just a tad sleepy this morning.

Worked last night and am very glad I only have 3 work shifts to go. The work itself isnt hard really, just draining at times, and its likely cause im 35 weeks pregnant too.

Have a doc appt tommorrow, so hopefully I can talk to the doc and figure out what hte plan is in terms of if the baby doesnt come on his own. I would prefer he does, but I also dont want to wait weeks overdue, I know I wont make it that long!

Zemirah is doing pretty well, she hasnt needed pain meds for a couple of days, the bruising is beginning to fade. Now just comes the convincing her she still need to wear the sandals all the time. All of my kids have been like this, but they are big sock/shoe wearers esp in the house, so shes not liking having to keep them on.

God is good alll the time


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