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Monday, October 13, 2008


I feel like a limp spaghetti noodle, completely drained and limp. Its like someone came along and sucked the little bit of energy i had right out of me.

I had some running to do this morning with a doc appt with Josiah and therapy for Gideon but other than that, I have accomplished very little. Im not sure if its the weekends activities now catching up or what. I just am just overwhelmed at the thought of even attempting supper.

We went shopping this weekend and got most of the furniture purchases we needed. Got some good deals as well. The wicker dresser thing I wanted for the baby was even further discounted by 30 bucks --- Awesome! We found both set of bunk beds either on clearance or on sale - double bonus and Katarinas mattress set on clearance as well. God is good .. all the time. But it was a lot of walking, comparison shopping, back and forth and the like. Plus getting new mattress covers for those mattresses we purchased etc. So both days were filled with either shopping or picking up purchases, plus I didnt get a lot of sleep last night either.

Im currently trying to gather up enough energy to figure out what to cook for supper... anyone wanna come help lol!~

Oh well, i guess the work will be there tommorrow!

Josiahs cross country season is officially over due to injury. The doc viewed the xrays this afternoon and he has a stress fracture. So that means he has to miss the last two weeks and two meets of the season. Rather a bummer for him! I feel kinda bad, he has been running on an injured foot for at least two weeks. I thought it was just needing some insoles or whatnot, but when that didnt clear it up, to the doc we went.

Okay enough babbling, need to figure out something for supper


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