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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feeling a tad more energetic this morning

Maybe its cause I dont have anywhere to go til this evening. That always helps!

We made a late run into the cities last night to pick up Nathaniels bed. It was in great shape, came with a nice mattress and since its a captains bed, means one less dresser to purchase. Woohoo! Almost done, the last thing we need to get is another crib mattress, since its starting to crack. So hopefully this weekend or maybe before, we can get the crib moved and boys room put together.

It will be nice to have everything done. Im just relieved to have the purchases made, the rest will come in time.

So i need to start doing some of the organizing areas that I want done plus I want to tackle some of the boys room downstairs so we can move the new dresser in for Zechariah.

Tonites schedule should be a little lighter as we wont need to go to the CC meet since Josiah isnt running. Hes rather bummed by the deal but at least its at the end of the season and not the beginning. So conferences for the two elementary kids(its weird only having two there instead of 4) and then a cub scout meeting here at the house for Elijah.

Well off to dig out my storage room!



  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger Michelle said…

    You were on my mind and I just wanted to say hi! I hope your day is great today and you have lots of energy!


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