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Friday, October 17, 2008

Its a pop tarts kind of morning

Since I got most of what I wanted done yesterday, i got pop tarts as a treat for the kids this morning. They were happy with that!

I managed to get quite a bit done yesterday.

The boys and I dug out the downstairs bedroom and got Zechariah's new dresser in. Josiah disassembled and reassembled the crib in the other bedroom we moved it to. Nathaniel got his room cleaned up and is waiting for his bed to get moved in today. Then we will switch out dressers, as he has a captains bed with drawers now.

Managed to get a bunch of laundry folded -- woohoo -- doing more laundry and folding is on the adgenda for today as well.

Mainly I want to get my room in order, set up the cradle, fill the babys dresser with the clean washed clothes. Side note on the clothes, Zemirah was fascinated with the little pink clothes. She kept picking them up and saying "Is this the babys?" Id say yes and shed respond with " But the baby wont come out" in this distressed voice. Its so hard to wait when you are 3!

Should be a more relaxing day for the kids, since they got most of the work done yesterday. So all they need to do is tidy their chore rooms this morning and then they are free lol! So i anticipate some WII play and movie watching to be going on.

Hopefully Andrew will be able to take some time off today and we can enjoy some time as a family.

God is good ... all the time, he put this song of praise in this heart of mine!



  • At 8:14 AM, Blogger Julie said…

    WOW- it is all coming along! I can't believe how much you can still get done these days - that is great!! Hang in ! praying for you!!


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