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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gideons disablity

At home, Gideon gets around well, manages to climb on most things and generally has found ways to communicate either with sign or pointing. I dont notice his disability most days. He is charming, fun and well frankly hes 2. With that age, comes the tantrums, fighting, hair pulling and hitting. It maybe intensified with his inability to communicate with words. But overall hes is well loved by his many siblings and they seek him out to play with him.

Its not until we are out in public, at a doctors office or at the park that I really notice the difference. He is harder to manage in public if he is throwing a fit. This is the first time that I really have had a throw yourself to the ground fit thrower in public. Challenging for sure! At home, I can just let him throw his fit, or pick him up screaming and hitting and take him to his bed or just hold him. That doesnt work so well when you are trying to get him to walk down the hall to the doctors office or sit still for an ear check.

Yesterday we went to the park. I was a bit nervous as its always challenging having a 2 yr old and a nursing baby. Add in Gideons special needs and well its not even a challenge that Im willing to take on often, not without a helper anyway! It did go well, mainly cause Elaura was content to sit in the stroller and did not need to nurse. So i could primarily focus on Gideon. Our kids have always been climbers and on the go. So even at age 2 they would be able to get to the big kid slide and up the jungle gym with little or no assistence. It was hard watching Gideon. He could get to the baby slide and one other tube slide but the bigger ones were far out of his ablity to get to. He couldnt climb up the panel of steps, not without handles or anything to grasp. He didnt even go near the chain bridge or the climbing steps.

I suddenly viewed this playground I have been to several times before with a new vision. Im looking as a parent of a special needs child. And my special needs child can do far more than some but still it was a different experience. Thinking how simple things like handles for help climbing or steps to a slide make a difference. Or even having a swing for a handicapped child.

Its days like yesterday that I remember that Gideon has sotos and has many challenges ahead of him. Maybe its to his benefit that I sometimes forget his disablities and treat him as if he can do everything.

God is good ... all the time