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Friday, January 15, 2010


Elaura has been starting to talk and gaining words like crazy. She is absolute mimic and increases her vocabulary daily! Its fun to watch and sad at the same time. Its clear that it wont be long before she passes by Gideon in vocabulary and ability to speak. She has already picked up on his use of the word "mine" and uses it in context!

Gideon is gaining in his own right, hes up to probably 35-40 words. For his disablities, this is an awesome total. Compared to a normal child, who should have 200 words by now and be using phrases, it doesnt look so impressive. It just reminds me that we have different victories to celebrate and that we cant look at the "normal" ones.

I guess Im learning that there are seasons of mourning for parents that have children with disabilities. I thought, mistakenly so, that it would all happen in the beginning, as you discovered that your child isnt as you thought they would be. Im learning though, you mourn as you go along. Its not as if Im sitting around crying all day but I get a distinct sense of sadness as I witness different things. There are moments of joy in the sadness but its somtimes hard to watch.

We went to the mall last weekend. They had a play area in which you could climb over vechiles and had slides and the like. You had to be under 42 inches to go in, although it was supposedly for ages 2-10. He hits the hand that measures the height, which means hes 42 inches. Hes only 2.5 yrs old. It just made me sad to realize that hes going to outgrow things like this far before his age says he should.

We got him shoes a month or so ago and hes now bypassed his 6 yr old brother in shoe size. That just is wrong to me on so many levals.

On an upnote, though hes a delight and brings a smile to my face throughout the day. His long giant arms open wide for wonderful awesome hugs. And he so loves his choo choo. We have to wash his thomas the tank engine jammies daily, so he can wear them again the next night!

Im listing his words here for my own reference. I find myself often drawing a blank when the docs ask me how many words he has. It surprised me when I actually counted, he had far more than I thought. So I will periodically list them, so I can see the progress! I cant even think of all of them today, I know he has a few more that I havent listed.

Gideons words 1/15/2010 - Mommy ,ow, mik, tea,no,mine, me, neigh, moo, meow, elmo, choo choo, baa, ho ho, backpack, blues clues, blue, pink, purple, green, go, boat, bowl, engine, banana, please, baby, zombie(guess which brother taught him that one!), elijah, jo jo,

Total - 30

Thats all for now folks, God is good ... all the time!