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Monday, September 29, 2008

Really lost

My datebook still hasnt appeared. Its now worth 2 bucks to whoever manages to find it. Though I expect, with most things that are lost around here, Ill be the one to find it. Im feeling rather lost without knowing quite what to expect for the week. I have a broad idea of what was on the calandar and a few things listed on the big calandar.

I need to figure out Gideons therapy schedule most of all. So i made some calls about that, so i can recreate it. And I guess I need to look into getting another datebook if it doesnt show up by midweek. This just reinforces that I need to have things written in both places , the datebook and the wall calandar.

Lots to get done this week. Need to get the house back in order after a crazy weekend, need to get the lawn mowed, laundry done and caught up, make sure everything is packed and ready for our trip out of town, need to get Zemirah and I's haircut and the list goes on and on. Just details, mostly related to us going out of town for the weekend. Still need to purchase a wedding gift and the like.

Ill have my prenatal appt thurs afternoon and find out if i get the final okay for travel. Doc tentively approved me going last week but wanted a final check this week first. I really hope I can go, we were all looking forward to this trip as a family and it wont be quite the same to split up and only half go.

well thats all for now, need to get cleaning!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Slightly lost

My datebook has gone awol for the past two days, so Im feeling slightly adrift and wondering am I missing something. I used to rely solely on a big wall calandar and I do write stuff on that still but the majority of everything is written in my datebook.

I switched to that, when I had to schedule many doctor appts for Gideon and Id come home only to look at the wall calandar and realized I double booked again. This way, generally speaking anyway, I keep it in my purse and with me the majority of the time. Its much more helpful then, i can look oh do i have a CC meet or therapy that day or whatever.

Im bout to offer a reward of 50 cents or a dollar for the first kid who finds it :) Gideon likes the picture of our family on the front, so he takes it quite often and leaves it places. It really could be anywhere in the house, but most likely buried under something.

Today I need to hit the laundry and dishes and get the general picking up done for the weekend. We need to get some shopping in so we can find some nice wedding outfits for the kiddos and plan to attend a showing of the new movie fireproof. Still working out details on all of that. Another jam packed weekend it looks like!

If the doc gives the final okay on thurs afternoon, we leave for Andrews brothers wedding on Friday morning. The kids are excited to swim and get to stay in a hotel again. Should be a nice little getaway thats not too far away!

Well thats all for now folks

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stark contrast

Yesterday, I was full of energy, til my body got too sore anyway. Today I am dragging big time. I have no energy, extremely tired and cant quite gather up much momentum.

Perhaps my mind realizes I have places to go tonite, so its reserving itself. Zechariah has his 2nd football game, Josiah has a CC meet(his is too far away to attend though) and Katarina has pep band. I had hoped maybe K would be wiling to babysit so i didnt have to take everyone along tonite but no such luck.

Andrew is teaching tonite, so Im on my own with the kids. Definitely going to be a sandwich fixings kind of night!

Its days like this, when its hard to envision surviving 5 more weeks of this! This too shall pass though and hopefully a good nights rest will pump up my energy leval a bit.

God is good ... all the time

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Maybe a little bit lol.
I started this morning with deciding to reorganize the toys, which meant I decided to move a toy shelf to the living room. That led to moving the couch and chair. Well then the room was off balance, so i had to move a bookshelf and table and well you get hte point. I did manage to get some of my fall/halloween decorations out as well.

Now I am definitely paying for it, my hips and back are protesting rather loudly, even still after laying down for an hour this afternoon.

I think its more of a sense of trying to regain control of the clutter and chaos of the house. I couldnt really work much on the kitchen, with our new dishwasher still sitting in the middle, so I decided to start with the living room.

Maybe ill get control yet lol


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In a hurry

Im starting to think number 10 happens to be in a bit more of a hurry than the others. Then again, who really can predict labor patterns?

I had my 35 week appt today and discovered Im already 2 cm dilated and 20 percent effaced. Which doesnt mean a lot in terms of predicting labor. Although it does give me a bit more caution as I think bout traveling for my BIL's wedding next weekend. I already looked up what hospitals in the area are in network, just in case. Ill be 36 weeks when we travel and we are going bout 3 hrs away. So I think it will be okay, my doc is planning on giving me copies of all my paperwork just in case anyway. If she says next week, that I cannot go, I will just send andrew and the big kids.

I really didnt expect I would have been dilated at all, based on the number and frequency of the braxton hicks ive been having. So maybe Katarina will get her wish and we will have an October baby after all.

I know better though to pin my hopes on it, with one of the babies, i was 3 cm for like 3 weeks straight! So she might hold out til November after all. I just pray she stays til after we return from the wedding.

No wonder I have been somewhat nesting lately ... brain chemistry is starting to get there, although it could be over a month yet!

Well thats all for now folks

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Somehow you always think that the weekend will bring the rest you desire. It never seems to work quite that way.

Friday was a trip to walmart, picking up Josiah from practice and then running kiddos to a bonfire. Saturday brought a citywide garage sale that most people from towns around here look forward to. It was fun but exhausting too! My favorite deal was some promotional glass garfield mugs. I got 8 of the mugs for 3 bucks, pretty good deal.

Then two of the boys had friends sleep over saturday night and they attended church with us this morning. One of my own was off at a friends birthday sleepover as well.

Sunday , other than church hasnt been as busy. My exhaustion though has magnified. Andrew took Elijah off to spend his birthday money, so he enjoyed that.

I discovered after Gideons nap that he had developed a fever. When I got him out of bed, i thought he felt warm. I, at first, chalked it up to the warm day outside and the fact he slept in pants. After I took his temperature though, I quickly figured out something is up. I felt bad though, that the other kids in nursery got exposed to whatever he has going down but he really was just fine this morning. And at this point, he doesnt have any other symptoms.

This weeks brings two CC meets, a football game, two days of therapy for Gideon, a prenatal appt, plus various practices and the like.

Well bout to start family night, gotta run

Monday, September 15, 2008

I've tried to write

The words arent flowing as easily as I want them to, so I delay blogging. Part of it is a friend and member of our church died two weeks ago and things just havent felt the same since. I want to write bout him and how this has changed my perspective but I cant seem to find the words right now. So I will put that aside for the moment but I do plan on trying to blog bout it all.

We have celebrated two birthdays in the time span since I blogged last. Zemirah turned 3, which we celebrated with a party at the lake. And Elijah turned 9, yes I said 9. Since hes the last of the pattern of 4 boys in a row, I tend to think of him as little or young. 9 just seems old. He had a sleepover party this weekend and stayed up "all" night.

We have had hand/foot/mouth disease going thru the house. Most of the kids seem to either have had it or developed immunities. I suspect Zemirah had a mild case, as she only got a fever but Gideon had a good case and now Elijah. He is rather disapointed to ruining his perfect attendence, missing gym class(his favorite) and of course breakfast pizza at school.

A bunch of the rest of us has gotten a cold and the resulting cough/running nose/dragging energy. So we are plugging away as best as we can.

Busy week ahead, as usual. Cross country practices and two races, a football practice and game, fall musical tryouts, bible quiz practice, therapies for Gideon, and of course the lester prairie garage sales at the end of the week. Im most looking forward to the fact I have nothing scheduled today other than picking up J from CC practice later.

Well gotta run, diaper changes, laundry and dishes await me.

God is good ... all the time