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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Sigh ... it was a very low offer, coming in at 90,000, so not nearly enough for us to bite. Our realtor said it really wasnt worth counteroffering, so we turned it down outright. God is still good ... On another note, the showing today went great, the guy seemed interested and was going to talk to his business partners. So we will see bout that.

Our realtor also said the house looked great, which made all that cleaning well worth it!


Life seems to be steamrolling lately

Doesnt slow down for nothing lol. Kids did fabulous in their school musical last weekend. I really really enjoyed it and Im looking forward to getting the dvd. But IM also very thankful practices and performances are over!!!

Managed to squeeze in some painting this weekend, but not entire rooms, so i have a couple of half started projects looming overhead. I do like painting and mudding and all that jazz, its just finding the time in which various munchkins are not underfoot and hanging out overhead.

Yesterday was jampacked with life as well. Had to deal with an overflow issue which left a nice lovely wet carpet to deal with, so I spent the m orning pulling stuff otu of the room so i could steamclean. Denist appts in the afternoon. There is one particular hygenist there that has the bedside manner of a barcuda shark. She just comes across really harsh. Elijah, who is 6, had to get sealants yesterday. Well apparently he had a hard time and it was causing him some pain, so they had to do a novicaine shot and he didnt cooperate as well. Hello, the kid is 6, he hasnt had a lot of dental work, and they didnt come get me either, to see if i could help calm his fears either. Long story shot, his older brother had no probs so he got a pencil. Elijah was upset bout not getting one, so i said go ahed and go in and ask for one. The baracuda hygenist said your brother cooperated and you didnt so you dont get one. Elijah was near tears, he managed really well to not meltdown but had i not had to go pick up nathaniel, they would have had a fight on their hands. I plan on a nice long dicussion with them, when i go in tommorrow for the other kids and you know what, im getting him a pencil.

I can see if he was outright defiant and kicking and hitting people but just cause he had a hard time in the dentist chair is no reason to deny him a prize. Sigh ... and this dentist office was looking so good before. I despise having to find new dentists.

Good news on the home front, we have an offer on the table! Dont know how much yet, so im cautiously hopeful but its an offer! Realtor will go over it with me this afternoon. On top of that we have another showing today at 330, gentlman wants a project for the summer, so we will see. So today will involve madly cleaning this house, trying to put thigns back in order, unfortunely im behind on everything from dishes to laundry to general pick up, so it will be a long day! I do have at least 2 of the kids farmed out this aftenroon so that should help at least.

Well now that ive written a novel, ill end and get to work, have a great day folks!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Morning all

Not much on the adgenda today other than some likely babysitting for friends, cleaning my bedroom and packing boxes.

Tonite we need to make sure the kids get to school for their play, get some supplies (drywall, maybe a gallon of paint).

Then again, not sure how much Im going to accomplish, Zemirah has a cold and is already crabbing and fussing to be held, suspect its going to be a fun day


Thursday, April 20, 2006

another door is cracked

Andrew got word this morning they want to interview him for the job in chicago. They are going to do it the week he is already scheduled to go down there and teach. They also have already lined up a sub for his teaching time, so that he can interview.

So that door to chicago is opening a bit wider. Only time will tell what comes of this. As of right now, i dont want to move to chicago, the job sounds great for andrew though, so I have to weigh that as we make decisions.

Ive never been to any of the commutable communities, including valparaiso indiana and monee illinois, two of which we have reseached some ,so I can say for sure but my stomach churns at the thought of moving there. Maybe its that fear of the unknown and the fact that i have fallen in love with a small town here in minnesota and the people at the church.

I dont know whats going to happen but either door that are cracked open right now, Winsted and Chicago, both involve selling this house and moving out , so we keept plodding forward.

Thats all for now folks!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Field trip and other miscellany of the day.

The field trip was fun, albeit tiring, and i rarely had a moment in which i didnt have a child hanging off my arm but it was fun. I enjoyed spending some one on one with elijah and his friends and doing things like delivering mail in the world room, being the boss at teh toy factory, discoving the science of the magic school bus and hanging out with the bearstein bears.

The little kids did brilliantly with my friend, although at one point, she could remember E's name, so she kept trying otu ones until he answered to one lol. Coming home was a bit of a meltdown as ezekiel got woken up, zemirah was hungry and so was i. Phone calls to return, including a hopeful one.

Our buyers agent has someone interested in looking our house. The investor has already driven by and looked at hte outside and checked out the immediate area and wants to schedule a showing. Its all happenign kinda quick, the showing will be schedule for tommorrow most likely. So maddash cleaning, packing and washing down will happen tonite and tommorrow. The interestiong thing bout this particular individual is her email address is savedbygrace91, and she told our buyers agent that address has special meaning, so im curious to find out if she is a fellow believer as well.

That would truly be a God moment if she is and this is determined to be our buyer. Even if not , it was the encouragment of the day i needed today. God is good ... all the time!

Escaping today

My friend is coming over to babysit today so that i can chaperone a field trip. Thinking bout this again, not sure im really escaping.Im leaving the 7.5 month old,2 and 5 yr olds but im exchanging for a classroom of kidnergartners at teh childrens museum. Hmmm ...

This actually is my favorite field trip to chaperone, i love the childrens museum and I like being able to chaperone, although it doesnt happen nearly as often as i want to with the little ones still at home. My goal each year is to chaperone one field trip for each of the kids and I usually do pretty good at that when i dont have a nursing baby. Zemirah is still nursing but she is eating enough solids to be able to leave for a few hours.

No news on the house front. Our roofer will start next monday and we hope to have a work day this saturday(Hey Claudia wannna come :) We just need to work on getting this house more presentable, it seems we just cant find the time, although i suspect its more of a time managment issue. Meanwhile life continues at full speed, 3 of the kids perform in school house rock live, jr this weekend. So that should be fun.

Well thats all for now folks!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Just the word makes my stomach churn ... not sure exactly why other than I have my heart set on small town living here in Minnesota.

Someone from the fed in chicago called today wanting to give Andrew an update on the job he applied for there back in january. We dont know what is going on, whether theywant to interview the week he is there teaching, or that thejob has been filled or that they are just starting the interview process. All I do know is I dont really want to go there or even a suburb. Maybe Ijust havent found the right town, or maybe its the fear of the unknown, but I dont wanna go.

But ... that being said, if God says to go to Ninivah, i mean Chicago, we go. I know that no matter where i live God is at my side. I had really though felt like we were led to stay here in minnesota. So I dont know if this is one big distraction or if its the reason our house sale is delayed.

Andrew didnt call back until the person was out of the office, so we just have to wait to see what she wanted.

Not exactly sure i want to be swallowed by a whale but then again it might be quieter in there!~

Its really hard somtimes

I am a very emotional person ( blame my granny for that gene), so given that trait, i chose my conflict battles carefully. Otherwise i find myself way too invested and drained for my own family.

Today I had to do a hard thing and confront a friend and when she continued stepping over the line, bring in reinforcements. My heart is heavy for this friend but i know God still holds her in his hand.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Egg salad sandwiches

I love egg salad sandwiches but for some odd reason, I only think to make and eat them mostly round easter time. I suppose its the abundance of hard boiled eggs but in reality its not that hard to boil the eggs and have them around more often.

Perhaps that will be my goal for this year ... hard boil eggs more often :) I like them with salt too but with miracle whip is the best!

Thats all for now folks!

Friday, April 14, 2006

I suppose an update might be in order

Havent felt like writing much lately and when the inspiration hits, I dont seem to have the time to write. Story of most busy moms, I suppose.

Been busy trying to pack boxes, get thru the endless pile of laundry, get teh house ready to paint, and of course cleaning.

Still no news on selling the house front other than we have decided to replace the roof, in order to make it sell faster. We have a friend down the street who agreed to do it for 3000, which is no small change but a lot cheaper than we feared. Had a showing yesterday too, so we will see what comes of that.

Life refuses to slow down in order for me to do the million things i need to. So in other words ... well im busy. 3 of the kids perform in a school musical next weekend, easter is this weekend and andrew travels to chicago the 2nd week of may. There are also cub scout events every weekend of april as well. So in between all that, Im supposed to pack boxes yet leave the house looking clean and uncluttered (yeah right), keep the house clean for showings with 8 children ( yeah right) and keep everything runnign smoothly. Needless to say some things are getting dropped but im trying!~

Well the kids have off today and andrew is working from home, so im going to try and tackle some painting projects and some more laundry!
Thats all for now folks!