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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I wonder how

I wonder how in the world everything will get done:the repair to a damaged room(covered by insurance), packing a household of 10 with 8 children running around, packing a truck with a husband with a broken leg.

Its too much if i start thinking bout everything, it just makes me want to crawl under a rock and come back out midaugust. Do ya think someone will bring the packing fairy if i do that?

Ah well everything is possbile with God, i just wish he didnt trust me so darn much!


Monday, June 26, 2006

We are a go, Houston!

We got word today that the buyer is finally preapproved and my realtor should have the preapproval letter in her mailbox. Next hurdle, the appraisal but the lender has a back up lender if the first one comes in too low. So we are a go. Now the next step, is my buyers realtor takes the ball and negoitates the final seller concessions.

We hope they will contribute some cash for our down payment and that we can negotiate the use of the garage ahead of the closing. If all goes well, we are shooting for closing in the morning on this house and the afternoon on the new house on july 18th. We then have 3 days of rent back to move our stuff and clean this house.

My main concern right now is packing up this house with 8 beautiful rambuntious children around. Oh and cooking ... its hard to stop midsteam when packing, so this shall be a challenge to get a household of 10 packed up in 3 weeks , along with the details of house selling and buying htat need to be tended to.

Pray for me ... I will need it!


Friday, June 23, 2006

Not only that

But today she discovered stairs. All of a sudden she had climbed 4 up and now cant seem to leave them alone. Man, shes one smart cookie, i didnt even have to teach her how to climb. Ill now have to start working on teaching her how to go down.

Fun times here in the Riemer household!


Zemirah is officially walking~!

She has been taking a step here or there for a couple of weeks but she is up to 9 steps now. I love watching them take those first unsteady steps and collapse in aheap in your arms. We love to encourage her to toddle between the two of us. My baby girl is only 9 months too~

By far though she prefers her mommy :) I suppose part of it is I have the food source but she defitinely is a momma's girl. Most of her brothers adore her and they even fight over who gets to hold her. Ariana seems to think she is a doll somedays and i constantly have to remind her to leave her be.

Well gotta run

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The sold sign is finally ours!

We have a deal people, our realtor came over today and put up the sold sign. Still waiting for that last final underwriter approval for his loan but its as good as done.

I am beyond excited, God is soo good.. again it was his timing not ours. I wanted to move months ago but he proved again that his timing is right.

It looks like we will be fine on the financial front but we will be requesting a few seller concessions to see if we can sweeten the deal a bit and put us in a better financial postion, rather than just squeaking by.

So we are pretty much good to go, we move then July 18- july 21. The buyer agreed to a rent buy back of 3 days, so we have a little bit of extra time.

The last 3 months have been hard, but now that we are at the end of this particular journey, its soo worth it.

Im still praying everything lines up right but im looking forward to showing off our beautiful new place!

God is good ... all the time, he puts the song of praise in this heart of mine!!!!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Josiah

Not sure if my previous post will magically reappear when ipost this one but if not. We got a good offer on the house!!! We are really close in making hte numbers work, so a little bit of creative financing and once the sellers financing is solid, we are good to go. Hes either getting his own financing or assuming our mortgage plus cash.

Its Josiah's 11th birthday today. He is the one that was born just as the star spangled banner started playing. He is having a sleepover tonite, but the house is in good shape, so it should be lots of fun for him.

We will likely close on july 18, less than a month, holy crap!


God is good ... all the time~!

We got a workable offer today~~~! The guy wants to assume the mortgage and pay the rest then in cash with a grand total of 105. Which is very close to making it work on our end. I have our loan officer crunching numbers to see how this will all play out. He wanted the washer and dryer, the dryer currently doesnt work, so thats not an option and the washer, well its my front loader and im not sure im willing to part with it. He also wants us to pull the carpet and make sure there is nothing left behind, i think we can do that.

Im still a little nervous that we will have to infuse some cash to make the deal work but God knows the details so im trying not to worry.

I havent seen the offer yet but once we have that, we fax it to the mortgage company and they begin qualifying the individual. Once hes done that, we can set a closing date and fly with it provided the numbers from our loan officer pan out.

God is good ... all the time.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Update on our crazy lives

Andrew broke his leg,near the ankle while on vacation in the boundary waters of minnesota. Not only that, he did it on day 3 and walked out on it for 4 days! Pretty darn impressive. So he returned last saturday and off to the ER we went. Thankfully it broke it a good spot, no surgery needed, he actually is in a walking boot already.

Which is a relief to me, since before that he could not drive, which, well lets just say, made life a bit more complicated. So between end of the year stuff for the kids with school, doctor appts, camp for one, getting ready for camp for another and driving andrew around, well been a tad busy.

Add to that showings and well we have been having loads of fun. Although the one this week, resulted in a guy who is very interested and has scheduled a 2nd showing for monday. My realtor is hopeful bout this one. In addition we have a showing scheduled for tommorrow as well. So at least we are generating interest, its a matter of finding the right buyer i suppose.

Need to get ready for Josiahs birthday sleepover tonite. Despite me instructing him not to get any older, he turns 11 on monday. It wont be too chaotic he only invited two kids and maybe a brother or two. Which is good, since i have to get ready for the showing tommorrow.

Thats all for now folks!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Showing tommorrow

Just as im trying to plug away at housework, slowly, i get a call from my realtor, saying she has a showing tommorrow for our house. It was the motivation i needed to get my butt moving. I had packed a big box of kitchen stuff that we dont use everyday and probably can manage to live without until we move, so that felt good to have accomplished as well.

Now i just hope hubby and Josiah get home before the showing, id hate to not be home and they couldnt get in the house, cause they didnt take keys with. Im going to try and reach AJ by cell tommorrow mornig to find out arrival time to prevent any mishaps anyway.

Enough babbling

I miss my hubby and Josiah too!

Its been a long week, not particularly stressful but not easy sailing either. The kids seem to have lost the idea that chores need to be done well and finished, their bedrooms are trashed and i just kinda feel blech. But im going to push thru and try to get the house back in order today. I think i will feel a bit better with that done.

But i miss my hubby especially, it wasnt so bad beginning of the week but by the end here, im soo glad he comes home tommorrow. I miss my Josiah and his hugs and how much help he is around here :)
Well off to do housework!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Morning all

I walked a good 3-4 miles today, i varied the route and went further in the park we normally walk to. I thought, mistakenly that i coudl just turn up a few blocks down and get back home. Not the case, lots of dead end side streets, got a good walk in though cause of it, i throughly enjoyed it.

Today, time to find that missing motivation and get laundry going and out on the line, and the house back in order. With andrew and josiah gone things have been a bit lax round here. Also going out with the girls tonite, strawberry daiquri here i come!

Well thats all for now folks!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You know i did ask for some encouragment

Very odd thing occurred this morning. The dog had gotten out and i was just getting back from chasing him and in a cranky kinda of mood after chasing him. This lady, that ive never seen before, stopped and asked did we get a new house. And I quizzedly looked at her and said well we found one but we need to sell this one first.

She then proceeds to tell me the Lord has been impressing upon her that he wants us to have a better house and that we are really cramped in here. I was kinda stunned as she was accurate and then she mentions somthing bout being unsafe if a fire broke out or anything. And then she prays right there on the sidewalk for safety of us and for our house to sell for the right price. Im still in shock.

I cant even tell andrew as hes off to the boundary waters this week . Wow what a morning!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Its my 32nd birthday today. I started out the morning heading off for a favorite breakfast(veggie bagels) at our local farmers market. Then Zechariah helped andrew make blueberry pancakes and sausage.

We had a showing on the house, so some cleaning for that was done. I got to open a very awesome pampering basket. My darling husband put a lot of time and effort into figuring out some pampering things for me. It was a giant basket with a book, candles, popourri,lotions, pumic stone, it was really really nice. I loved it. My other gift wont arrive til at least Tuesday. He ordered me a brand new spanking laptop!! I am very excited bout that as well.

We had to disapear for the showing in which we added some much needed fun to the day. Ezekiel got his finger shut into a stroller(at a used thrift store) that wasnt shut and as i tried to snap it in, he put his hand in. It cut him as well as started swelling immediatley, so off to urgent care we went. Thankfully not broken but it got him pretty darn good.

Looking forward to a nice steak dinner off the grill tonite and some time home with my family!


Friday, June 02, 2006

Imagine that

I somehow managed to get both the 2 yr old and the baby asleep at the same time. I got a real live nap :) Ariana watched a movie and I slept for a solid hour and the phone didnt even manage to wake me. It was heavenly and i feel sooo much better!


grumpy old mom today

I know its cause i got less than 5 hrs of sleep last nite thanks to darling miss zemirah. But man the kids whining, not doing chores and the fact that the 2 yr old and 9 month old wont leave my side are beginning to officially drive me batty.

Thankfully i dont have anywhere to go today, tons of stuff to do as usual:pay bills, laundry, figure out our dryer prob, find some stuff for andrews trip,dishes and other fun work. I wish i could say i have hopes of catching a nap but Zemirah is the only one who naps these days and ezekiel is danger waiting to happen, so i dont even dare doze.

Ah well, such is life somdays.

My best friend from high school birthday is today! Happy Birthday Nikki!

Mine is tommorrow :) Not sure what the family has planned but they seem to have a few things up their sleeve. Time will tell!

Well enough musings,