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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Days like this

Days like this is where I really miss my Mom. She died when I was 11, so I never knew her as an adult. Given that, I have no real idea of what my mom would be like. When the kids are giving me attitude or Im struggling keepign things together, its easy to fall into thinking Mom would have known how to help.

In reality, that might not have been the case. The fact remains, though, she isnt here to prove me right or wrong. Its just that hole that never seems to be filled. Im at a loss. Most days, I can make it thru with Gods help. Every once in awhile though, it just all feels like too much to handle.

Perhaps its the culmination of the first week of school. I was determined to keep on top of things this week. Im really trying to sign things right away, make sure the little kids get their homework done, house stays picked up and laundry. Self disclipline is not my strong suit. So I have to work harder at keeping things in a scheduled routine manner. I did 24 loads of laundry, everyone got to their practices/meets, supper got made and the house was clean. As well as one of my sons had a birthday party on friday evening as well. It just might be the downside of all that busyness. The school year has a much different rhythm than the summer routine. Its not really bad, just different.