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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My husband rocks -- let me just say that!

I made a costly mistake with our life insurance recently, one not easily remedied ,if at all. I admitted my mistake to my husband yesterday, knowing that this would likely made him rather frustrated and angry. He had every right to be angry, as the responsibility was mine for paying the bill and keeping track of things. I really didnt have a reason why it lapsed other than Im just not keeping the balls in the air very well lately and frankly that one dropped and shattered.

Anyway he instead of responding in anger or frustration, he responded in love. He let me know, he loved me and that it was a mistake and he didnt hold it against me. Its the same way God responds to us. So many times we do something and we think oh God could never forgive that. He must hate me for the way I am or the what I did. Instead God loves us and cares for us. Yes, the consquences of actions still exist and we must bear those but he gives us grace to deal with it. This was a reminder of Gods love and the love my husband has for me.

So the life insurance I let lapse, isnt going to magically be reinstated but God will give me the grace to handle the fallout of it.

God is good ... all the time